The outdoor motion sensor (image below) lets me know if anyone is hovering outside the door when I am inside or away The CBUS light control and the ElK control. The CBUS and ELK 'talk' via a ness automated card. CBUS controls the lighting and power (eg it can turn appliances off/on, control blinds etc). The elk kit came As part of the m1oasys Ascom autorotation system it has the autorotation rule for the observatory and also serves as an alarm. Using this system i can control the observatory anywhere in the world using a PC, iPhone or iPad. When i am at home i use my Mac mini and my large screen tv to remotely access the observatory using the software 2X RDP, and i can look through the camera and operate the rest of the system.


Inside 1

Inside 2

Inside 3

Pier-Tech 2 Telescope Pier With ASA DDM85 Mount

Inside 4

Inside 5

BYO Motor with LBB Module


Sannce 100 Mega Pixel HD wireless IP camera Pan/tilt 2-way Audio IR-CUT P2P Night Vision Smart Phone Remote Viewing.

Inside control panels for the Automation System

Control Panel to open/close the roof and Alarm, Motion sensor, Temperature Sensor, Smoke Sensor


Peer Sensor three IR8000 which has a reflector attached to the peer-tech for the home find park position three.

IR8000 Reflector
C11 with cooling system.
Astro lift portable 150
My Self at the Astrofest 2015
Aurora Cloud Sensor III. Automatically closes the roof when it rains.
Ethernet Remote Power Switch
Ethernet Remote Power Switch Control App
Automatic image from the Sannce camera. Takes an picture and sends a text message when it detects motion Sent from my iPhone
M1 OASYS, PC software
Observatory Controls (Ipad and Iphone)

The Full Mount Software Run on Windows


The software i use is; TheskyX Professional, TPoint, CCD Soft.

  Cambridge, Montalto Uffugo @ Observatory, G Miceli UK